5 Things I Do to Give Love to Myself Each Day

With self care in discussion everywhere in the wellness realm today, it's made me do some of my own reflection upon the things that fall into my daily routine of self love, acknowledgement and appreciation. Here are the five things I love bringing into my life that offer bursts of joy throughout my day.

Stay In Touch Over Gratitude. 

This is a favorite. My best friend from college and I make it a priority to send daily texts to one another expressing three things in our lives that we are grateful for. Not only do I love reflecting upon what is good in my life (and it's an exercise that allows me to see just how much good there really is!) but I love hearing about all of the positive elements of her life that she gets to experience. Sharing positive things with someone that you love is a win for so many reasons, and I love that it's this practice that keeps us so close.

Source:  Life Goals Mag

Make At Least One Special Meal. 

I'll say it first: This doesn't mean a meal at a five-star quality caliber. This can be a simple salad, composed of only a few ingredients that complement each other's color and texture beautifully. This could also speak more to the company with whom you share the meal. As much as I can, I love cooking dinner for my partner and I, him sitting with me in the kitchen, sharing a playlist of songs I've never heard of but am drawn to immediately. We talk and we laugh, as I've got vegetables sautéing on the stove, a marinated tempeh roasting in the oven. I stir sauces knowing very well that in a few moments, I'll share this with someone I love, someone I love cooking for and sharing the nourishment and pleasure of food more than anything.

Source:  Tea Bar

Source: Tea Bar

Allow Myself One Consistent Indulgence. 

This, as the baristas in my office coffee shop know very well, is always a 12 oz. matcha purchased and consumed sometime between 9 and 10 in the morning. I've read countless articles about how much I would save if I made my matcha at home. But I consider this a necessary indulgence (and, for the record, I often make matcha at home in addition to this, but that's usually for the weekends). There's something about the interaction created in the drink's exchange that I love. I love learning about the baristas little by little in the snippets of conversation we have. I love too, that I seem like a regular, that they know my order as soon as step to the counter. There's something fun about being a near-constant in someone else's life, and what's more, wrapping my hands around a warming mug provides its own sort of beautiful brilliance.

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Move My Body.

This looks like a lot of different things. On my most committed days, it's a barre class either at 6 am before work or 5:15 right after. Some days, it's a post-dinner walk, and others, it's a fun, though still sweat-inducing, game of tennis. What I've learned about exercise is that it's not punishment and it shouldn't be viewed solely as a way for us to achieve #bodgoals. Exercise is a celebration, honoring your body for the energy it generates and the movement it's capable of creating. With this mindset, I've been able to shift to a more positive understanding of exercise, one that allows me to look forward to it, in whatever form may take, every day.

Source: Well and Good

Source: Well and Good

Drink Water. 

There's something strange and beautiful about the fact that just a sip of water can bring me so much joy. My partner often jokes about my affinity for ice cold water, but I can't help but revel in the immediate energy spike that comes when my lips make contact with the frigid liquid. It's the little things.

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