On Allowing Yourself to be Vulernable

You've probably caught onto this by now, but I love vulnerability. I respect it in others and I honor it in myself. For me, acknowledgement and admittance are the first two steps in freeing yourself from whatever weighs down on you. Though as a society we've made leaps and bounds in how we talk about mental health, there still exists significant reservation and hesitation to admitting our challenges, the struggles that we feel separate us from others, sending ourselves deeper and deeper into the isolating cover we think protects us from shame and hurt.

But what's beautiful about voicing and owning these inner conflicts is that it releases them into the universe, and I've learned that in doing so, the universe reveals to us how many others are experiencing or have gone through these experiences themselves. Vulnerability connects us, drawing us closer to the communities that stand to welcome us in their web of support and compassion.

Source:  beyondyoga

Source: beyondyoga

Yes, vulnerability creates fear, it leads us in thinking that exposing the reality of our selves to the world leads to attack, creating space for emotional harm.

But people are kinder than you think. And when you allow yourself this vulnerability it brings to light an unknown strength, and oftentimes, it'll lead to someone else discovering their own. 

Isabelle EymanComment